Debtor Finance and Factoring

If you got paid today, for yesterdays invoices, imagine what you could do tomorrow!

Benefits of Debtor Finance

No Property Required

Factoring and Debtor Finance require no property or equipment as security. The financier will simply utilise your invoices to secure the facility.

Flexible Line of Credit

Your available cash flow from Debtor Finance will grow as your business grows. This is perfect for seasonal businesses and high growth businesses.

Get Paid Immediately

Most lenders will fund within 24 hours. If you got paid Today for the work you did yesterday, imagine what you could do tomorrow.

How can a Debtor Finance facility help your business?

About Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance, also called Factoring, is a great way to boost your cash flow and set up a business for future growth.

Sometimes cash flow can get very tight in small business. Often the primary cause is customers that pay too slowly. A Factoring facility can unlock up to 90% of the cash from you invoices within 24 hours.

Factoring Finance

Buy Stock

Pay Wages

Pay Suppliers

Fund Expansion

Boost CashFlow

Upgrade Equipment

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