How Invoice Factoring Can Help Your Business

Nova Cash Flow Finance has provided Invoice Factoring to Small and Medium-sized business in Australia for over 20 years and has a combined 30 years of experience in the industry.


1. Funding growth with upfront working capital

When incorporating invoice factoring to your business, a large percentage of the value of your unpaid invoices will automatically be converted into a cash advance offering you upfront working capital. 

2. Provides competitive terms to customers

This crucial factor allows you to confidently provide improved terms and conditions of trade to your existing customers. It also gives you the edge to win new customers.

3. Improves your profit margins

As you are receiving your invoice payments faster, you can access and reinvest the profits from the sales back into your business earlier. This reinvestment can increase the dollar amount of your profits, as well as your net profit margin.

4. Offering a line of credit which grows with you

Unlike a bank overdraft, invoice factoring offers a line of credit which automatically improves when your sales increase plus the value of your client’s invoices grow. 

5. Free up your time and energy

Focus on business objectives with the understanding that you have money available as your business needs arise. 

6. Improve your business reputation

Pay your creditors and suppliers on time. Earn a reputation as a business that people can rely on.