How Invoice or Debtor Financing Can Help Your Business and Why We’re among the Best Factoring Companies in Newcastle

After working as a plumber or electrician for many years, you might decide to boost your earning potential and expand your business. If you can attract more customers in the Newcastle area and make a name for yourself, you may want to start hiring professional tradespeople to work for you, which could be a dream come true as well as afford you a higher quality of life. However, expanding a business requires investment, and you might not be able to do anything until existing customers settle their bills.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to extend, the more chance your competitors have to gain the upper hand, but banks and private lenders are unlikely to provide the cash you need if you don’t have enough security to offer. There’s nothing more frustrating than lacking the capital to develop a company when you know you have enough unpaid invoices to do so. However, just because the banks won’t provide loans doesn’t mean there’s no other way to obtain the money you require.

Nova Business Finance, are among the most trusted factoring companies in Newcastle that can provide invoice or debtor financing so that you don’t have to delay making your dream come true. We provide funding to you by purchasing your unpaid invoices, and we can usually transfer the cash to your account in under 24 hours. The amount of money we can provide depends on the value of your unpaid invoices and the likelihood of clients settling their debts, but the chances of successfully securing cash are much higher with us than almost any bank.

Invoice Financing in Newcastle

Invoice or debtor financing is an easy way to obtain money so that you can either grow your business before your customers settle their debt or continue operating while waiting for clients to pay their invoices. Plus, our debtor financing in Newcastle is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Our agents are responsible for collecting the money from your customers – If you’re trying to start a company, the last thing you need is to be wasting time chasing up clients to pay off their debt. However, if you secure financing from us by selling your unpaid invoices, we’ll take the task off your hands.
  • You don’t have to wait for weeks on end to receive and answer from the bank – Taking out a bank loan is always a risk if you’re unsure of whether you be able to meet the payments, and obtaining such loans can also be cumbersome. With debtor financing in Newcastle, you can have the money in your bank in under 24 hours.

We’re Happy to Offer Professional Assistance

At Nova Business Finance, we understand that invoice financing may be an unfamiliar concept, which is why we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our services allow you to start your business before receiving the money you know clients owe, enabling you to live out your dreams of opening a company as quickly as possible. Call us today for more information.