3 Reasons to Choose Nova Business Finance for Debtor and Invoice Factoring to Foster Growth in Brisbane

Ask yourself this question: “Is my business where I want it to be right now?” If you can’t answer with a resounding yes, you already know there is still much work to be done. This is true for thousands of SMEs across hundreds of industries. It just means you should look for new ways to leverage your abilities and find opportunities for growth. Sadly, it is much easier said than done in all but a small percentage of cases. The current cash flow and level of trade for your business may be enough to pay the bills and keep the lights on, but does it seem like there’s never sufficient cash flow to do more?

Check your debtor ledger. How much money are you waiting to collect? Chances are, it could be quite a lot. What if you could access that money right now? Especially when you cannot qualify for a loan from the bank, invoice factoring for your Brisbane business could be exactly the solution you need. Instead of taking out money you must then pay back, factoring companies pay you for the right to collect your invoices. You receive an advance on the funds in the meantime. At Nova Business Finance, this is the service we provide to many SMEs every week. Why choose our team?

Keep pushing your business forward with invoice factoring in Brisbane

First, we understand the demands of your particular industry and the cash flow challenges you face. We offer debtor factoring to Brisbane businesses that often struggle to find other sources of working capital, especially from traditional banks. By changing your invoices due later into cash now, you relieve any mounting financial pressure. We’re motivated to make that happen.

Next, we offer swift response and around the clock availability. Whenever you have the time to discuss debtor factoring is a good time for our team. We will always come back to you with an answer on your factoring approval within 24 hours. In most cases, you will have cash in hand within a week from approval.

Finally, you always know to whom you’re speaking with Nova Finance. From the moment you call, you’ll talk with someone qualified and empowered to help you set up invoice factoring. We won’t waste your time — we’ll move straight to business because your time is valuable too.

Discuss your needs and uncover the possibilities

There are many possible factoring companies in Brisbane to choose from, but there is only one Nova Business Finance. With our dedicated focus on SME operators like you and a focus on providing a quick turnaround on every invoice, we aim to provide a higher level of service. Begin working to achieve your dreams, and soon you’ll be able to answer “Yes!” when asked if you are happy with your company’s progress. We are pleased to partner with companies over the long term. As you grow your sales and invoices, we can improve our factoring services alongside you. Click here to send us your contact information. A Nova Finance representative will ring you ASAP.