Understanding Cash Flow, Invoice, and Debtor Financing in Townsville

Have you ever had to wait weeks for a client of yours to pay you what they owe you? If you have, you understand how potentially inconveniencing it can be. You may have debts of your own that need to be squared away, and you may not be able to settle them without the money that you’re owed. Then again, there’s often a way to receive a portion of your incoming payments without having to wait. Invoice financing in Townsville and other areas represents a viable way for increasing numbers of business owners to acquire much-needed money in time sensitive situations.

If you’re wondering what invoice financing is and how it can help you, here are the basics: invoice financing (also known as cash flow or debtor financing) involves the transfer of outstanding debt from the original holder to a third party. This transaction is negotiated for a set amount of money, which the original owner of the debt receives before the debt is paid. The debtor then pays the third party the amount they owe instead of giving it to the original holder. It’s the phrase “time is money” in action.

How can debtor financing help your Townsville business? It depends on how long you can afford to wait for payment. If your company can handle waiting longer for full payment of an invoice, then cash flow financing may not be necessary—however, if you need to receive money faster than your clients can afford to pay you, then going to a third party represents an extremely useful option. Companies who engage in cash flow financing often offer much higher turnaround times than a company’s clients themselves.

Approaching a Company for Debtor Financing in Townsville

At Nova Business Finance, we make a point of approving and settling with our clients in particularly short windows of time so that they can acquire the money they need quickly. In most cases, we can approve your company for cash flow financing in Townsville in under 24 hours, and settle with you before the week has elapsed. Our approach has allowed clients from all over Australia to turn their outstanding invoices into liquid assets to meet tight deadlines and keep money in their bank accounts. We deal directly with businesses who want to make sure they can always afford to pay on time—even if their clients can’t always do the same.

Obtain the Financial Security You Need

If you have unpaid sales invoices for goods or services you’ve delivered and don’t have time to wait for the people who owe you, be proactive and contact Nova Business Finance. We’re always happy to answer your questions about the specifics of debtor financing, and will discuss the details of your case with you so that you can understand how best to proceed. Our solutions focused problem solvers will respond to you quickly, then get you on the road to financial liquidity. Call today and ask to speak with a member of our team.