Get Help Managing Your Cash Flow, with Invoice and Debtor Finance Services in Newcastle

It repeatedly happens for small or medium-sized businesses: they have good products and services and a strong turnover. By all accounts, they are successful—and growing! But too often, businesses in this category must close their doors, defer payments to contractors or suppliers or go into debt, just to manage their cash flow. At Nova Business Finance, we assist businesses such as these with cash flow finance in Newcastle, helping them to keep their doors open and keep growing, even when cash is low.

How Our Invoice Finance and Debtor Finance Services Work in Newcastle

The theoretical business that finds itself in a situation like the one described above is often perceived to be ‘failing,’ because it doesn’t have the money to pay off its bills on time. In truth, many businesses can’t pay their bills not because they are failing, but because they are cash poor at a particular moment in time.

Think of it this way: say you run a building company in Newcastle. Your team recently finished work, and you are due a payment from the client. Once you get paid, your business will have thousands of dollars to pay bills and subcontractors or to purchase materials for the next job. However, the client is a big corporate entity, and payments usually take two to four weeks to process. In other words, your accounts receivable numbers look impressive, but those are just numbers. You don’t have the cash from the job yet, and you won’t for weeks, which means that you either can’t make your payments or must dip into other cash reserves to do so.

At Nova Business Finance, we offer what is known as factoring, cash flow finance, debtor finance or invoice finance in Newcastle. These terms all mean the same thing, which is essentially that we buy your invoices from you. If you can’t afford to wait weeks to get paid for goods or services that you’ve already sold, you can call us. We can turn your invoices into cash in 24 to 48 hours. Just like that, you have the money to pay your bills, clear out your outstanding invoices and start your next project. We then retrieve the funds from your customer or client.

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Does your business sell goods or services on credit? Do you have a stack of invoices in accounts receivable that you are anxious to convert into cash? Do you have bills to pay that can’t wait any longer—at least not before they accrue costly interest fees?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then your business might be a strong candidate for cash flow finance in Newcastle. There’s no reason for a successful business to go under just because clients are slow about paying their invoices. With the help of Nova Business Finance, you finally stop being at the mercy of when your invoices get paid.

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