If Slow Cash Flow is Stagnating Your Brisbane Business, Turn Every Invoice into Cash with Debtor Finance Options

Consider this scenario common to many small business owners. Unforeseen circumstances result in a disruption to your regular cash flow or a sudden decrease in how much liquid cash the business has available. This could be due to the length of time it takes for payment to arrive on each invoice or because of a change in the market. Whatever the reason for the disruption, you require more working capital — and fast. When you ask the bank for assistance, they issue a flat denial. Now that option won’t work here. Is there anything you can do to keep your business afloat without making significant sacrifices? Yes! At Nova Business Finance, our job is to keep you in business by providing access to the funds you should already have.

Called invoice financing, and many Brisbane SMEs rely on it as a matter of course. This is not a personal or business loan at all. Instead, it is an agreement between your business and ours (also known as a “factor”). We can help you by quickly putting cash back in your pocket without the need to personally wait for debtor clients to pay you. What can you expect to happen during this process? It’s simple, and the Nova Finance team can make it even more uncomplicated.

How does debtor finance in Brisbane work?

First, contact us and let us know you need assistance. Right away, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our experienced associates. Ask about how you can receive help with cash flow finance in Brisbane. Have your ledgers handy. We will need to collect some basic information about your business, including the amount you have invoiced clients for verifiable completed work. For nearly every business that operates by selling on credit, we can work out a solution. We will make every effort to find options for you.

After verifying this information, you “sell” your outstanding invoices to Nova Finance. We provide you with an advance, sometimes up to 80% of the total invoice while holding the remainder as a reserve. When a debtor finally does settle their invoice, we remit the rest to you minus our fees. This equitable arrangement can empower your business to make headway once again.

Let us develop a solution to your problems today

Overall, the process described above is simple and easy to undertake. With Nova Business Finance providing your debtor finance in Brisbane, it is fast, too. We offer a 24-hour turnaround from your initial application to a determination of approval. Whether you plan to meet future expenses through our cash flow finance services or you need the money immediately, we will work to settle your account within a week. You can then turn your focus back to where it belongs: on running and building a company that can succeed. Visit our contact page or ring us on 1300 138 186 to take your first step today.