When Long Invoice Terms Disrupt Your Cash Flow, Debtor Financing in Brisbane Can Solve the Problem

Owning and operating one’s own business is a dream common to many people. What is less common, though, is seizing that vision and making something out of nothing. When you have put in the hard work to grow your business from the ground up, you want to do everything you can to succeed. However, when you run a small business focused on providing services to others, as many trade workers do, you are often beholden to the terms of your invoice payments. You may need to operate on terms as long as net-30 or net-60 to satisfy the needs of clients. That can put you at a disadvantage when bills come due.

Cash flow financing for your Brisbane business could be the answer. By partnering with a third-party “factor,” you gain access to the funds your clients owe you right now. You turn over the invoices to a company providing debtor financing in Brisbane in exchange for a percentage (sometimes up to 80%) of the total invoiced amount. The remainder goes to your factor, collected as fees due. Now you could turn around with an invoice in hand and immediately convert it from a debtor account into one paid in cash. As you try to navigate the world of SME and become successful, this option can be invaluable. At Nova Business Finance, it is what we do best.

Repair your cash flow with financing in Brisbane

Planning a budget around invoicing terms like net-60 can be a challenge on its own. What happens if one of those clients becomes delinquent, or if a regularly invoiced client discontinues working with you? These interruptions can cause serious cash flow problems. So can accidents and other unexpected incidents. When you look at your debtor accounts, you see plenty of money — but when you look at your bank accounts, the opposite is true. Invoice financing solves this problem for a reasonable percentage of the total invoiced amount.

Through more than ten years of experience, we’ve gained a familiarity with many aspects of the small business operation. Not only can we work to develop a solution for a shortfall of working capital, but we can design a long-term factoring arrangement as well. As your business grows, you can continue converting invoices to liquid cash to open new opportunities.

Receive today the money you were owed yesterday

Few things are as frustrating for SMEs as a huge debtor ledger but minimum cash flow during the times of the year when you need it most. With the effortless process of using a factor for invoice financing in Brisbane, your business can get back on track with just one phone call to Nova Finance. We have helped countless small and family-owned businesses tackle a variety of challenging financial situations. Sometimes, the answer to your problems is just lying in wait in your books! Let us unlock cash flow solutions for you today. Navigate to our contact page to begin.