Maximise the Potential of Your Small Business, with Accounts Receivable Financing from the Right Factoring Finance Company in Sydney

What’s the biggest barrier your business faces in growing revenues and reaching more clients? For small businesses that sell goods and services on credit, the answer is simple: cash flow. When you finish a big job, you rely on the money from that job to pay off expenses and finance your next project. It’s not quite a paycheque-to-paycheque model, but it’s close. It’s also the reason that accounts receivable financing might be the right choice for your Sydney business.

In theory, a paycheque-to-paycheque, job-to-job structure should be able to work just fine if your team is reliable, well-trained, and good at hitting deadlines. Whether you are an electrician or the owner of a concrete company, reliability and quality of work are always the most important keys to success. However, what if your clients pay invoices so slowly that your cash flow runs dry in between jobs? How can you cover bills and expenses, pay your employees, and get ready for the next job? How can you hire new people to start taking on extra jobs and growing your revenue? How can you pay subcontractors? In short, how can you continue to run a successful business?

How Accounts Receivable Financing Can Rewrite the Narrative for Your Sydney Business

At Nova Business Finance, our job is to make it so companies can forget about those questions and start asking different ones. Instead of spending the days after a job finishes wondering when you are going to get paid or how you are going to cover your expenses, we want you to be able to say ‘Okay, what’s next?’

We accomplish this goal by offering what is called factoring finance in Sydney. What factoring finance means is that we buy your outstanding invoices from you, giving you the cash from your most recent job or sale now instead of requiring you to wait weeks or months to get it.

Say you have a client that is notoriously slow about paying project invoices—something that is all too common for big corporate clients. You don’t want to say no to a job or let the customer go because doing so means giving up a big chunk of potential revenue. However, you also can’t afford to keep waiting two months to get paid. You’d come to Nova Business Finance, and let our factoring company in Sydney convert your invoices to cash. It would then be our job to collect payment from your client, while you would be able to use the money to pay bills, hire new employees, prepare for new jobs, and grow your business.

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Too often, Nova Finance sees businesses that failed not because they had sub-par goods or services, but because they didn’t have the available cash flow to pay their bills. People often don’t realise how much a slow invoice payment can hurt a small or mid-sized business. With the help of a factoring company in Sydney, though, you can make slow invoice payments a thing of the past.

Are you interested to find out what your business could do if you didn’t have to deal with slow payments? Call Nova Business Finance and apply for our accounts receivable financing in Sydney today. You can reach us by calling 1300 138 186.