Partner with a Finance Company in Melbourne That Understands Factoring Accounts Receivable and Your Challenges

When people speak of “the economy,” most often the discussion occurs in broad strokes. If you hear companies mentioned by name, they are often large and sometimes even multinational. Yet this does not provide an accurate picture of what makes up the actual economy. In reality, small to medium business owners like you are a power plant, supplying the economy with massive amounts of cash through goods and services. Unfortunately, that cash does not always flow with ease for all businesses. If you run a company whose accounts receivable consist primarily of invoices to individuals and other businesses, payment can be slow to materialise. Maybe they need accounts receivable finance provided by a Factoring Finance Company.

In our world, cash is the king, and you can’t continue operations without a sufficient amount. Unfortunately, your invoice payment terms may not align with the realities of running a business: rent, payroll, taxes — these expenses don’t wait for you to be paid. It’s hard to imagine anyone in SME expanding and acting as a job creator when hamstrung by cash flow. Luckily, there is an excellent option available: accounts receivable financing from a factoring finance company. Melbourne businesses can rely upon Nova Business Finance, a specialist factoring finance company,to provide fair and fast factoring of their invoices. Through this process, you can put your focus where it should be: on growth.

The SME world is demanding; grow successfully with a factoring finance company in Melbourne

Consider a case involving a cleaning company servicing corporate clients. Such a business may plateau after taking on a certain number of customers due to equipment or personnel constraints. Though the business trades well, its accounts receivable may fill up with ageing invoices. With cash only appearing in short bursts, there is only enough to make payroll and overhead costs. Factoring Finance in Melbourne can change this.

At Nova Business Finance, we look at invoices for services rendered and complete. We do not look for physical collateral like a bank. Instead, we will pay you a large percentage of the invoices in exchange for the ability to collect the full payment. The company from our example can then invest that money in the new equipment necessary to take on new and larger clients. That is a direct pathway to future growth for that company.

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Do you have many ideas for ways to grow your company, but you lack any way to finance those ideas? With Nova Business Finance providing cash infusions as your factoring finance company, you can take the money owed to you tomorrow and begin using it today. You might use the cash to finance the purchase of new equipment or to expand the size of your payroll. Regardless, we will work with you to create an equitable factoring solution that just works. You always deal directly with an experienced Nova Finance team member — never a middleman or another party. Let’s explore a partnership for success today: contact us on 1300 138 186 anytime, day or night.

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