Running a Trade Company in Brisbane? Low on Short-Term Funds? Consider Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Of all the SMEs out there, trades are the backbone of both the economy and everyday life. Without the various trade workers that make themselves available for such a rich variety of services, many of us would be stuck contending with problems by ourselves. Whether you run a small family-owned business that handles bathroom renovations, or you provide commercial cleaning services to businesses, cash always dictates the direction you take. It is not always easy to keep your accounts receivable current, and with some of your clients taking invoices on terms like net-30 or greater, it can be weeks after a job before you see payment.

That can lead to a cash crunch that leaves you looking for options. Don’t rely on personal credit cards or other options when you have unpaid invoices for completed work. Consider the value in contacting a factoring company in Brisbane. By factoring your accounts receivable and transferring the payment collection duties to another firm, you can gain cash in exchange. There are many things you can accomplish with this new-found source of money. It may even spur you to change your invoicing practices. How can you choose someone to work with for factoring finance in Brisbane? You won’t need to look far: Nova Business Finance has the experience and customer service skills to help you today.

Flexible solutions for accounts receivable financing in Brisbane

Many banks are reluctant to work with small trade companies at all, and even more hesitant to extend lines of credit or a loan for working capital. Both solutions, even if they are available, come with a major drawback: interest. A loan is a loan, after all. Nova Finance instead exists to help you unlock the funds already waiting for you in the business’s accounts receivable records. Clients that take too long to pay can restrict your business’s flexibility.

For example, think about what you would do if you received a proposal for a huge job — perhaps an exciting opportunity to work with your first truly major client. To do the job, though, you may need extra equipment or infrastructure you lack. Your budget does not have room for such a purchase yet — but if you had access to much of the outstanding invoices on your books, you could seize the opportunity instead. Through accounts receivable factoring, Nova Finance makes these scenarios a reality.

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Turning to accounts receivable financing in Brisbane is an excellent way to cash in debtor invoices while also avoiding the burdens of taking on a loan. Whether you choose to use the money to catch up on expenses or to probe opportunities for growth, you can continue plying your trade without such immense financial pressures. We understand that time is often essential when you need to consider factoring invoices, which is why our quick response times make Nova Finance an asset for your company. To discuss your financial needs and explore what we can do for you, contact us 24 hours a day by calling on 1300 138 186.